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Roku is one name that’s making a revolution in the television industry. For decades, we have been utilizing the cable which is the conventional way of watching television. However, the cable channels are way too costlier. When it comes to cost and comfort, Roku streaming players are way better than the traditional cable channels. Entertainment lovers desperately wanted an alternative for cable and eventually, Roku streaming players were launched. Now it’s time to set things right by activating the Roku streaming player which is the new way of streaming your favorite channels.

Features that you can avail by activating Roku players

Here we’ve listed the benefits which you can acquire when you stream on Roku devices and check out them right away after which you’ll not prefer cable anymore.

Private Listening

This is one of the best features that Roku provides for its users. All you have to do is install the Roku mobile app and plug in your headsets to hear the audios played in Roku privately

Voice search

Make use of the Roku enhanced voice search feature to explore the evergreen shows and blockbuster movies available on the web without any hindrance. You can download the mobile app for Roku to utilize this feature

It’s time to choose your favorite screensavers

If you don’t want to stare at the blank screen on your TV when it is idle, just select screensavers from the Roku channel store to make your television viewing experience even more colorful. Moreover, you can also pick some beautiful pictures from your mobile device and set as your screensavers. Launch Roku mobile app and click Settings icon followed by tapping on the Mobile screen saver option. Now choose up to twenty-five pictures and finally, click Set screen saver option to confirm the choice.

Roku saves money and time as well

After knowing about the features mentioned above, it is essential to have Roku mobile app installed on your mobile device. Today’s smart mobiles consist of several apps that hadn’t been used for years and it is no big deal to install the Roku app for your convenience.

Initial setup

Novice to Roku? Don’t worry about setting up the Roku streaming players and just tag along with the below directives which will assist you in configuring the Roku device within minutes

HDMI connection

  • Connect the Roku streaming player and Television using an HDMI cable
  • Remember that you should always use a new and high-speed HDMI cable if you don’t want to hit upon issues while streaming your favorites
  • Earlier television models don’t support the HDMI cable usage and you need to opt for standard composite video connection
  • However, you should verify whether the Roku streaming player is also compatible with standard AV cables or not
  • After finishing the HDMI or AV composite cable connection, proceed with the power cord connections

Connecting Roku to an electrical outlet

Without an electrical source, machines can’t function and it is essential to complete the power connection setup before anything else. Initially, connect the power adapter in a way that one end of the adapter is connected to the Roku device and another end to a direct power outlet to avoid power issues. A few Roku models will power up when you connect it through the television’s USB port. When the connection between Roku player and television is successful, you will be able to view the Roku logo on the TV screen. Now get your remotes ready by inserting the batteries in the battery compartments and control your Roku streaming players without any hindrance.

How to connect Roku streaming player to the internet

You can utilize either Ethernet or wireless connection whichever you prefer and here is how you can configure the network settings on your Roku streaming players.

At first, pick either Wired or Wireless when the display prompts you to do so. If you opt for Wired connection, just connect the Ethernet cable to the Roku streaming player and your Roku will start accessing the internet Or else, click Wireless and you will find a list of networks on the screen from which you have to pick one. Tap “Scan again to see all networks” when you don’t find your network name in the list and furnish the wireless password. It is mandatory to enter the password properly or else the Roku streaming player setup will hinder. If you are not interested in setting up the Roku player to the internet now, you can execute the above steps after some time by tapping Home -> Settings -> Network -> Set up Connection -> Wired or Wireless. Make use of the instructions available above to complete the wireless setup on your Roku players

Choose Language in your Roku streaming player

Choose a language that you can easily understand as most of the instructions and guides in Roku will be displayed in the language you select. The Language settings option will display after the Welcome screen and it’s your choice to select one by scrolling through the language list. Finally, confirm by pressing Ok and finish up the language settings

How to update Roku software?

When you are done connecting the Roku streaming player, updating the software version is the very first thing you should do before you move further and the system will reboot after the software update.

Modify Display settings

  • You need to take care of the display settings because you are the one who’s going to stream unlimitedly
  • So it is better to alter the Display settings that is comfortable for your view by clicking Settings -> Display

Roku device activation

  • After completing the primary setup, you can activate the Roku device without any hindrance
  • Prior to the setup, you need to create a Roku account which is mandatory to move further
  • Roku activation is the process of linking the streaming player with the Roku account
  • Read below to know more in detail about the Roku device configuration.

Roku account generation

Create a Roku account by providing the Name, email, and password on the Roku website. Open the web browser in your mobile or computer and enter Roku. The web page will direct you to provide the necessary details and prompts you to accept the Terms and Conditions. The second step in creating Roku account is to furnish the payment details and you can easily make purchases through your Roku activation account itself. Select the channel that you’d love to watch and pay through Roku direct billing. You can provide either credit card or PayPal account information and don’t worry about the security as Roku PIN creation will safeguard the account details.

Roku PIN generation

Roku PIN generation is the final step to complete your account creation and it is optional only. Make use of the directives given below if you haven’t done it while creating Roku account. Visit using your computer or smart mobile and sign in with your Roku account. Click Preferences and choose one option before you click Update and furnish a four-digit PIN number. Finally, click Verify PIN and tap Save Changes to store the modifications in your Roku account.

Activating Roku device

For Roku activation, Roku account is a nitty-gritty and follow the steps mentioned below to get your device activated in no time.

  • You will get to view the Roku activation code right after the device connects to the internet
  • Remember the six-digit code and visit Roku website to link your device
  • Utilize the Roku account credentials to sign in and furnish the Roku activation code in the respective place
  • You will have to walk-through the directives that appear on the screen to wrap up the device linking

Finding it hard to activate the Roku device?

Sometimes, you might face difficulties in activating the Roku streaming and it can be solved easily. Here are some common issues that arise during the Roku activation process and the steps to eradicate the problems in minutes.

Roku activation code error

  • This issue will arise when the code you enter on the Roku website is wrong or expired
  • Verify whether you have furnished the correct code on your Roku player and try entering it for another time
  • Get a new code by clicking the * (Star) button on your Roku remote and click Get New Code as the Roku activation code will expire in fifteen minutes

Everything you need to know about Roku channels

Roku channels are bliss to watch in your free time. When you start watching the best Roku channels, then it would definitely become your favorite pastime.

Free channels

Everyone would have craze to acquire stuff for gratis.Several channels in the Roku streaming players are available for free and you can add them just like that.Some of the channels that you can’t ignore including to your list are given below

The Roku Channel
Tubi TV
Pluto TV

Comet TV
Shout Factory
The CW

Red Bull TV
Sky News

Paid Channels

There are some channels which you need to pay some cost for watching and it’s worth subscribing. Just check out some of the streaming services that are mandatory to include it to your channel list

Showtime Anytime

Amazon Prime video

DirecTV Now
Hallmark channel
CBS All Access

The channels specified here are popular and most of them are default inclusions in the Roku streaming players. Continue reading to know about the channel activation process in Roku devices.

Activating the channels on Roku streaming player

Check out the procedure to activate the favorite channels on your Roku without any hindrance

  • The first and foremost step is to find the channels in the Roku channel store
  • Roku store is the biggest channel repository that you can ever visit and it has more than four thousand channels from which you can pick the channel of your choice
  • Click the Home button on your Roku remote and then tap Streaming Channels option to visit the Roku channel store
  • Under the channel store, you will find several categories like Sports, News, Weather, Movies & TV and more
  • Select the category under which your favorite channel is available and click “Add Channel” option
  • If you find it hard, just make use of the Search option available in the Roku store and search for the channel you like to include
  • The channel will install in your Roku streaming player and you have to hang around until the installation is complete
  • However, some channels are readily available to stream and you don’t have to install from the store
  • Go to the Roku home screen and explore the channels available in it
  • After this, the channel activation process varies according to the channel type
  • If you are activating a free channel, you can just start viewing the contents right after the installation
  • In case of paid channels, you will acquire the channel activation code which you have to furnish in the respective channel website and enter channel provider’s account details
  • After entering the code, the web page will demand you to wrap up the remaining setup to conclude the channel activation