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Roku supports streaming of Pluto TV channel on its device or player. Pluto TV so far is a very popular channel among the viewers across. The channel gives you the option to access it’s on-demand features like a bucket full of all popular movies and Tele episodes plus some really good video content like live matches and so on. Additionally, the benefit of this channel is that it comes at zero cost; there will be absolutely no fee that you will have to pay to activate this channel. Most of the Roku streaming devices will give you access to PLUTO TV via Roku. Roku

How will you cast Pluto TV on your Roku?

  1. You will have to navigate yourself to “Settings” area and choose “Display”.
  2. Use the scroll bar and hit on “Cast Screen”.
  3. You can see in the Cast Screen section that your Roku device appears now. To connect you will have to select your Roku name from the list appearing.

Furthermore, if for some reason you are unable to view the Roku what you will have to do is enable the wireless display by tapping at the screen in the top right quadrant.

Also, double check and enable screen mirroring on Roku using this option “Enable Screen Mirroring”.

Some of the famous Channels list on via Roku include:

  • News24/7
  • Glory kickboxing
  • Extreme sports
  • Snow TV
  • Surf channel
  • Pop sugar
  • Stand up
  • The Onion
  • Before school cartoons
  • After school cartoons
  • The Opera Network

Find the model of your Roku TV

Also, check before you activate Pluto TV on Roku via Roku, be sure that your Roku TV has the firmware version of 7 or higher. Besides, it requires an Android device with operating system 4.4.2.

How to find out the Firmware version

  • To know the firmware version of your device, follow this navigation path

 Home screen >Settings > System

  • Now, click on “About” or hit the right arrow to view the current software version.
  • You can press the right side direction arrow of your Roku TV home screen and land on to “Settings” area to glance the settings of Roku TV and also to look at the version.

How will you get Pluto TV to install on your Roku 

>On the home screen of your Roku TV, direct yourself to “Settings” area for setting up the Roku.

>You will have to find the model name for your TV, to do so tap on the right arrow key.

>Also, you will have to keep in mind one thing that any Android device you use must possess the OS version of 4.4.2 or higher than that.

>Choose the “Display” tab on the Roku device home screen.

>Glance out for option as “Cast screen”, you can do that by scrolling up or down.

>Your Roku device name must appear and now you can select it after finding it.

>Now installing of Pluto TV on your Roku TV shall begin in few more minutes, once you start following all the on-screen prompts.

>Additionally, you can use the wireless display option to connect your Android device directly if you do not find your Roku TV on cast screen window.

>Do a system check in case you want to see what version is your Roku on? Besides, you can be sure about the latest version of Roku TV by updating it using this path:

>>Firstly go to Settings.

>>Second, find Options.

>>Select Home Screen.

>>Do Update.

Pluto TV App

If you want to watch TV and movies at zero cost on your Android Phone, then simply download the app from Google Play Store and use your web login to enjoy hassle-free streaming on your device.

For more guidelines to activate and Install Pluto TV on Roku visit our website Roku com link account or dial the toll-free number +1-866-991-0140.

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