How to connect your Roku Device to

Connect your Roku device to wireless Network to stream live audio and video from internet. All the latest models of Roku devices support wireless connection and the guided steps to establish network are provided on our website.

Steps to connect your Roku device to Wireless Network

Power on your Roku device and the guided setup to establish a network connection will start automatically.

  • If you prefer a wireless network connection, collect the wireless network username (SSID) and the password.
  • Proceed with the guided set up and choose the network connection. Select wireless and then go to the next step.
  • List of available networks will be visible on your screen.
  • Enter the password of your wireless network
  • Once you connect the device to the wireless network connection, the software’s and drivers will download and install automatically.
  • Your Roku device will now restart.
  • Steps to connect the Roku device to the wireless network are complete.

In case if you are unable to establish the network connection, go to settings menu on your Roku device and then follow the steps below.

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote and then scroll up and down to select the settings.
  • Choose the network tab.
  • Select the option to set up a new network connection.
  • Select the wireless option and choose the name of the network from the list that appears.
  • Provide the respective username and the password and your device will be successfully connected to the network.

What If you are unable to connect to the network?

If your Roku device is unable to connect to the network, an error screen will appear and indicates the lost network connection. Here is how you can overcome the internet connectivity issues.

  • Go to Settings >Network >Check connection and the settings include two parts. The first part will check the connection and the other part will check the wireless signal strength.
  • Now, enter the correct username and the password while you establish an internet connection.
  • Check your router and try not to connect multiple devices at the same time.
  • Place the Roku device close to the router to improve the wireless signal strength.
  • Also, restart your Roku device and the router. To restart your Roku device, go to settings>system>system restart.
  • Roku TV users can go to settings >system>power>system restart.
  • You can also unplug the device from the power source and then plug it back again.

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