Fixing the Purple screen HDCP Unauthorized issue:

Go Roku HDCP is a technology that is used in protecting the movie and other contents. This technology is used mostly by movie and TV industries. The HDCP which is HIGH BANDWIDTH DIGITAL CONTENT PROTECTION can help you prevent misuse or copy the audio and video contents.

How to resolve the Go Roku HDCP issue:

The culprit here is your HDMI cable. If you are using an old HDMI wire or if you are using a faulty HDMI cable it can be a reason to see the purple screen error. You can use the same solution to resolve the go Roku HDCP issue with the streaming stick as well. After you change the HDMI cable, you may, however, want to restart all the connected devices such as your Roku, TV and the router before giving another try.

Steps to resolve the issue:

Go Roku HDCP

  • Remove the HDMI cable that you have connected.
  • Power OFF your Roku streaming player and your TV.
  • Remove the power cords from the Roku streaming player and from the TV.
  • Reconnect the HDMI cable back to your Roku streaming device.
  • Check if you are still getting the issue.
  • If you are still facing the issue, then check for the following

Additional steps:

  • Make sure you use a good quality and new HDMI cable.
  • Check if you are facing the issue with other TVs as well.
  • You can try to use the latest version Roku device or Roku TV for getting the best streaming quality.
  • You can also try to change the TV
  • Try using a latest Roku device or Roku TV for a better streaming quality.
  • Check for the display settings as well. Do that as follows.
  • Settings ->Display type and you can try using different display settings
  • Change and insert the HDMI cable to another HDMI port available on your TV.
  • Check if your TV or AVR supports HDCP.
  • You can also download the tool that can repair the Roku purple error available.
  • Check that you have connected the HDMI cable correctly. Loose HDMI connection, defective HDMI cable can also cause this error.
  • Visit for further details, if the issue cannot be resolved even after following the guidelines above.

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