Go Roku Select Input

The Roku Streaming Stick is compatible with practically any TV with an HDMI port. This port lets you connect the device directly to the TV. Get a free HDMI extender cable if the Streaming Stick does not fit into the port. It is extremely important to perform the Go Roku select input process for proper installation.  If you do not select the input correctly, you may not be able to see the video on your TV.

Setup your Streaming Stick

  • Download the Quick Start Guide or simply follow the instructions when you plug your device in.
  • On your TV, select the correct input 
  • The Roku Logo fills your TV screen
  • To get both audio and video into your TV, you must select the appropriate input

Go Roku Select Input

To select the right input

  • Follow the cable you have used to connect your Roku and the TV
  • Make a note of the input where you have plugged the cable in (there will be a printed icon underneath or next to the input port)
  • It could be either one of the following
    • Input1
    • Input2
    • HDMI
    • Colorstream1
    • Colorstream2
  • Now, go back to your TV and select the exact same input
  • You must also make sure that your device is connected to an electrical outlet
  • The setup Roku screen will be visible after this step

Additional information

RCA Cables

  • Some Roku devices come with RCA cables (Yellow, Red, White)
  • For this, make sure you plug them into the same colored sockets on your TV

Component Cables

  • Component cables come in a set of red, green and blue for video. They also have a pair of RCA audio cables, which are red and white in color.
  • Connect the cables to the exact component inputs on your TV and make sure that the colors match.

S-Video Cables

  • For S-Video cables, plug them from the Roku into the S-Video input on your TV
  • Some of the TVs require the yellow RCA cable along with this
  • You will have to plug it into the same colored input along with the S-Video cables
  • If you cannot see the video, plug the RCA cable into the yellow socket (this is rare)

HDMI Cable

Using a single HDMI cable is the easiest way to connect your Roku. Selecting the input is also rather easy. Just plug the cable from the Roku to the TV’s HDMI input port.

For any troubles with selecting your input port, call our agents at +1-866-991-0140 or browse our website Roku.com/Link for some detailed information.

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