HBO Go Roku Active Channel

HBO GO is one of the most popular entertainment channels available on the Roku channel store. It has many interesting shows such as GOT and Silicon Valley. Besides, the channel also has a huge collection of blockbuster hits that you cannot find elsewhere. To enjoy all that the channel offers, you must first complete HBO go roku activate.

You can add the HBO GO channel either to your Roku account or directly to your device. Make use of one of the following two methods to add the channel.

Add HBO GO on Roku

Add HBO GO Roku Activate – using Roku remote

It is always easier to add a channel directly to your device. This is because you don’t have to depend on your smartphone or your PC for help. The only drawback here is that the channel will not reflect on other Roku devices that you have.

  • Turn ON the TV and the Roku device and also ensure that you establish a connection between them using an HDMI cable
  • Connect the Roku device to the internet via a wired or wireless setup
  • Then, navigate to the Roku’s main menu on your TV with the help of the arrow keys on your remote
  • In case you have a Roku TV, you can directly connect it to the internet and proceed to add the channel
  • Next, select the STREAMING CHANNELS option from the list and then enter HBO GO in the search box
  • Choose the appropriate channel and then select the ADD CHANNEL option
  • Since this is a paid service, subscribe to this channel to watch it
  • Therefore, you must enter the channel provider’s username and password when there is a prompt for it
  • Finally, you can go to the My Channels list to confirm that the channel has been added to your device
  • Else, repeat the steps from the beginning

If at all you want to add the channel to all your Roku devices, then you must add it to your Roku account.

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