Roku com link Account | Help – Guide for roku com link code setup and activation.

Roku com link

1) Connect the Roku media player to the correct input source (

2) Insert batteries into your remote.

3) You can see the Roku logo on your screen.

4) If you cannot find the Roku logo, check for the flowing

  • Check if you have connected your player to a power source.
  • Look if you have the HDMI cable intact.
  • Choose the correct input source.

5) Pair your remote:

  • Open the battery cover behind the remote.
  • Press the button for a few seconds while aiming it to the device (Roku express/TV).
  • The Roku stick makes use of a radio signal for receiving such commands

6) You can see the names of all wireless networks that it is able to communicate.

Choose your wireless network name and enter the password.

  • If you have entered the password correctly then the Green symbol – indicates success.
  • If you get a Red symbol, it indicates a failed attempt to connect to the network
  • Passwords are case sensitive. Retype the password correctly and try again

7) Your device will connect to the server will download and update its software to the latest.

8) After the software update, your Roku device will restart. Wait for the Roku Screen to come.

9) Enter the Roku activation code to activate your roku com link account.

10) Your streaming player and your Roku account are linked now.

How to activate or link your Roku device?

Visit or call to our customer care numbers for help from

Video output

A HDMI connector has two parts. 1. Male 2.Female.

HDMI cables can simultaneously carry both High-Definition video and multi-channel audio

HDMI cables on Roku devices

  1.  Roku TV – the HDMI connections are inbuilt.
  2.  Roku Streaming Stick – the male part of the HDMI port is built right into the stick. You can plug it directly to the TV.
  3.  Roku Express – Use HDMI cable to connect one end to the device and the other end to the TV.