What is Shudder TV? | Shudder on Roku?

Horror movies could deal with things that main stream movies were too afraid to touch, lest we forget the exorcist and the cultural impact that movie had on the world. It has been a long time coming but finally fans of the genre have a dedicated channel  – Shudder on Roku. Shudder is a pure horror offering from AMC and exists to thrill the fan of the macabre in you. And you can watch this offering of gore, blood, and horror on your TV sets by streaming it through the internet. You can get Shudder on Roku and stream the content through your Roku streaming device.

Shudder on Roku

Shudder on Roku

This is why you should get shudder TV

Here’s Johnny.

An iconic line from an iconic scene. An iconic movie that has since influenced generation of film-makers and film goers. From the scene in which the little boy cycles in the empty hall, to the two twin little girls who wait in the narrow passage, to the madness that grips Jack Torrance, this movie has cemented its place in film history. The shining announced to the world that horror movies were not just creature features.

How to Activate and Watch Shudder on Roku Streaming device?

Shudder Roku TV is a direct to internet on-demand streaming service. Costing only $47.88 per year, Shudder Roku is cheap for the niche platform of movies and TV shows that it offers. To get Shudder on Roku streaming device, follow the steps listed,

  1. Search for the channel in the Movies and TV section of the Roku store.
  2. Install the Shudder TV channel. Enter the Username and password when prompted.
  3. You can also install and subscribe the channel through the official Roku mobile app.

Once you have started streaming Shudder on Roku to your TV you can start watching movies and series.

Here are a few good horror  movies and TV shows that you can watch on Shudder TV:


Man’s best friend, a Saint Bernard, in this case, gets bitten by a rabid bat when he is chasing a rabbit. Cujo is set against the backdrop of a dysfunctional family. The parents are fighting and their marital status in under question. A little boy who is scared and sensitive to the fights between his parents. This movie makes you question why your dog is salivation. If you are fans of the sitcom – Friends, You will remember this movie from where Joey and Rachel watched it together.

IT, the original miniseries

Anyone who has seen the dance of Pennywise has seen and known real fear.  An inter-dimensional being that takes the form of the person’s worst fear. Stephen King is a master storyteller who can bring the readers’ worst nightmare come alive on the page, this movie adaptation of his novel does justice to the source material. IT is a must watch the movie for the fans of the genre and the artist.

Texas chainsaw massacre

Blood. Gore. Death.
A movie that has everything. Made in ’74, Texas Chainsaw massacre is fun times at the movie. A plot that is simple. Man and friends reach a place. Random person who you could have guessed was the person who ties up the story starts to kill everyone.

The Exorcist

This movie made every devout Christian in the world stand up and protest. A movie that set a template for making horror movies. The audience were treated to disasters of biblical proportions in this movie. The famous 180 head turn that is a staple in all movies today got its start here. A  movie that every fan of Horror watches over and over again

The Hotel

A group of friends reach Germany and after a night of partying and meeting two beautiful  local women, they wake up in a cellar where they begin to hear screams at the end of the night. The story follows the fate of two guys as they try to not get butchered. The Hotel has the dubious reputation of making people sick as they sat watching. If you are squeamish you shouldn’t watch this movie.

Shudder’s collection of series aren’t as expansive as their movie collections. There are talks that AMC’s The Walking dead and The Terror will find their way to this platform as well seeing as The Terror is a show that preys on the base instincts of humans.

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