Enjoy the Songs on www.amazon.com/roku music

If you are into music and love listening to songs from various genres, www.amazon.com/roku music is the ultimate destination for you. The Amazon Prime Music is the new addition in Roku under the music category. Amazon on Roku has provided the Roku customers the biggest music library till date. Get hold of a TV service provider and activate the channel with the help of channel access code.

www.amazon.com/roku music

www.amazon.com/roku music

Activate www.amazon.com/roku music

  • Before starting the Amazon com Roku Music activation, it is mandatory to create a Roku account as well as link with your Roku streaming player.
  • Start the activation procedure by logging in to your Roku account and searching the channel from the Roku channel store.
  • Type the name of the channel manually on the search option or browse through the music category channel list to locate the channel.
  • Highlight the channel once you locate it to add it to your Roku channel library.
  • Wait for some time to complete the channel download and later obtain the channel access code for activating the channel.
  • If you are a cord cutter user and you already have a TV service provider account, login to the account. Thereafter promote the channel access code to www.amazon.com/roku music
  • Return back to the TV home screen and ensure whether the channel is activated properly.

Amazon Music Application on Mobile

If you are more of a mobile user, and love hearing songs from handsets, you can install the Amazon music app with the help of Google Play Store or App store depending on your mobile version.

Featuring Amazon Music App

  • Accomplish com Roku Music and get access to ten million songs and more than 1000 song playlists.
  • However, if you are first time Amazon Prime music user, you can get the advantage of 30 days free trial to enjoy the channel on Roku.
  • Without any additional cost, of the Amazon Prime music user can also enjoy and listen to www.amazon.com/roku music Unlimited including more than 3 million songs.
  • Additionally, you can also take help of the Amazon Music Prime library to follow and track your favorite songs along with lyrics.

Amazon Prime Music Subscription Package

  • You do not pay any prices for adding Amazon Music channel on your Roku channel store.
  • Subscribe to the www.amazon.com/roku music Unlimited by paying an amount of 99 dollars a year to stream the channel.
  • If you are an existing customer, you can get a 5.99 dollars discount per month.
  • However, if you are an Amazon Music Prime user, the Amazon Music plan starts from 7.99 dollars a month.
  • If you are non-prime user, you have to spend and amount of 9.99 dollars monthly.
  • The Amazon Family Music package allows each family member to receive personalized references over unlimited songs and thousands of playlists. All you have to pay is 14.99 dollars in a month, irrespective of Prime or non-Prime user and you are done.

For more information visit our website www.roku.com/link or call our toll-free number +1-866-991-0140.

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